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Con Edison Urges Restored Customers To Conserve Electricity; Company Will Expedite Claims Process

NEW YORK -- As Con Edison continues to restore power to customers in northwest Queens, the company continues to urge residents in that area to continue to limit their use of electricity as much as possible. In conjunction with the work being done to restore low voltage lines to homes and businesses, Con Edison is still working to stabilize the overall higher voltage cables that serve communities in the area.

In addition, the company announced that it would expedite its reimbursement process for spoiled food for residential customers by waiving the requirement for grocery receipts. Affected customers, as an alternative to submitting a claim form, could also send the company a letter. Letters should be mailed to Con Edison, Claims Department, P.O. Box 801, New York, NY 10276. The company is also sending representatives to affected businesses with perishable merchandise to assist them in processing claims and will expedite reimbursements.

More than 22,000 customers in northwest Queens have had their electrical power restored as of 12 noon. As temperatures are expected to rise this week, customers are being asked to conserve electricity to avoid overloading the newly repaired cables and equipment.

The company said residents in the affected area will see 39 generators and miles of temporary wires on the street that will be insulated, safe, and protected.

The network of cables, transformers, and other equipment in the affected area has sustained major damage, and most of it must be rebuilt. Much of the work that was done this weekend is temporary to get power to as many homes and businesses as safely and quickly as possible. Once temporary repairs have been made to restore service, Con Edison will focus on making permanent repairs.

Con Edison continues to ask customers to report individual outages to 1-800-75CONED.

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