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CONSOLIDATED EDISON INC filed this Form 8-K on 02/11/2019
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Guarantee” by any Person means any obligation, contingent or otherwise, of such Person directly or indirectly guaranteeing any Debt of any other Person and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, any obligation, direct or indirect, contingent or otherwise, of such Person (i) to purchase or pay (or advance or supply funds for the purchase or payment of) such Debt (whether arising by virtue of partnership arrangements, by virtue of an agreement to keep-well, to purchase assets, goods, securities or services, to take-or-pay, or to maintain financial statement conditions or otherwise), (ii) to reimburse a bank for amounts drawn under a letter of credit for the purpose of paying such Debt or (iii) entered into for the purpose of assuring in any other manner the holder of such Debt of the payment thereof or to protect such holder against loss in respect thereof (in whole or in part), provided that the term “Guarantee” shall not include endorsements for collection or deposit in the ordinary course of business. The term “Guarantee” used as a verb has a corresponding meaning.
Hazardous Substances” means any toxic, radioactive, caustic or otherwise hazardous substance, including petroleum, its derivatives and by-products and other hydrocarbons, or any substance having any constituent elements displaying any of the foregoing characteristics.
Indemnitee” has the meaning set forth in Section 9.03(b).
Interest Period” means, with respect to each Euro-Dollar Loan, the period commencing on the date of borrowing specified in the applicable Notice of Borrowing or on the date specified in an applicable Notice of Interest Rate Election and ending one, two, three or six months thereafter, as the Borrower may elect in such notice; provided that:
(a)    any Interest Period which would otherwise end on a day which is not a Euro-Dollar Business Day shall be extended to the next succeeding Euro-Dollar Business Day unless such Euro-Dollar Business Day falls in another calendar month, in which case such Interest Period shall end on the next preceding Euro-Dollar Business Day;

(b)    any Interest Period which begins on the last Euro-Dollar Business Day of a calendar month (or on a day for which there is no numerically corresponding day in the calendar month at the end of such Interest Period) shall, subject to clause (c) below, end on the last Euro-Dollar Business Day of a calendar month; and

(c)    any Interest Period which would end after the Maturity Date shall end on the Maturity Date.

For purposes hereof, the date of a Euro-Dollar Loan initially shall be the date such Euro-Dollar Loan is made and thereafter shall be the effective date of the most recent continuation or conversion of such Euro-Dollar Loan, which date,